The Song of My Soul
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Short Stories

All I want is to write stories and share them with you.
All my short stories can be read FREE of charge by clicking the links below their descriptions.
I hope they bring some light to your world.

In Black and White

A young soldier comes face to face with the reality that, despite our differences, every man has something he would die for.

A short, WWII historical fiction piece, In Black and White was short listed as a judge's favorite in the 2015 short story contest held by The Write Practice

Read here: In Black and White

The Boys of Holly Street  

A Short Christmas Story

How could a simple thing such as a sled change the lives of seven boys in Dickensian England?

Read Here: The Boys of Holly Street

Dusty Places

A death in a small ranching community rekindles painful memories for a little girl and her family, but reminds them that differences must be overlooked in order to live.

Read here: Dusty Places