The Song of My Soul
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Short Stories

All my short stories are shared freely and can be read by clicking the links below their descriptions.

I hope they bring some light to your world.

In Black and White

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A young soldier comes face to face with the reality that, despite our differences, every man has something he would die for.

A short, WWII historical fiction piece, In Black and White was short listed as a judge's favorite in the 2015 short story contest held by The Write Practice 

Read here: In Black and White

The Boys of Holly Street  

A Short Christmas Story

Fulbert Southgate’s sled was the most coveted sled in Holly Street. Limited edition—the very best of its kind. Handmade with red runners and the smoothest wooden handlebars you could ever hope to touch. It could fly further and soar longer than any other sled in London, and it was the very, very-very last one . . . How can a simple thing such as a sled change the lives of seven boys in Dickensian England?

Read Here: The Boys of Holly Street

Dusty Places

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A death in a small ranching community rekindles painful memories for a little girl and her family, but reminds them that differences must be overlooked in order to live.

Read here: Dusty Places